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  Vacuum Forming
Vaccumforming, Vacuum Forming, China Plastic provides plastic products.
  秒速飞艇FDA Plastic Products
FDA Approval, u.s. Food and Drug Administration (Protecting and Promoting Your Health).
  Biodegradable Packaging Products
Biodegradable, We provide various kinds of biodegrable packaging products. PLA, Corn Starch...
  Nylon CNC Machining
CNC Maching ( Nylon, FR4...), Nylon CNC Machining, China Plastic provides plastic products.
  Acrylic Laser Cutting
Acrylic products/ parts are typically produced from Acrylic sheets, China Plastic provides plastic products.
  Rubber Molding
Rubber Molding, We have experiences in manufacturing rubber products for international customers.
  Extrusion Profiles
Our PVC shaped profiles have great varieties, Our PVC shaped profiles can be widely applied in all types of building doors and windows
  Pipe and Fitting
Pipe & Fitting, Other Capacities-China Plastic provides plastic products
  PU Pour Casting
Plastic Pour Casting, Material: Polyurethane,China Plastic provides plastic products
  Product Assembly
Provide surface electroplating, printing,
Metal processing, casting, stamping, spare parts purchasing
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