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     Laser Cutting ( Acrylic )
    Acrylic Product Manufacturing in China

    Acrylic products/ parts are typically produced from Acrylic sheets.

    High quality acrylic sheets are often casted. We have established stable supply relationship with one of China's largest acrylic sheet     manufacturer. (Click here for more info) 。 For outdoor applications, we can add UV-inhibitor in the product.

    Acrylic sheets can be laser cut to various shapes and sizes. (Click here for our production video)

    Please see below for acrylic products we offer:(Chinese Acrylic)

    Electronics Display Rack  Vaccum Formed Sign with LED  Illuminated Display  Photo、Calendar Rack   Jewelry Box 

    Cosmetics Display Rack  Data Rack  Cigarettes Rack  Displays Rack  furnishings  Business cards Box  Present  Candy Box

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