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     Packaging Cans
    Volume Choice: 2.5L—50L
    Material Choice: Virgin co-PP or 50% co-PP + recycled PP/PE mix.
    Strength: Free fall from 4 meter height and not break, which is better than industry average of 1.5 meter.
Custom Plastic Cans

Sourcing Company is a designer and manufacturer of custom plastic cans in China. We provide design and development of custom packaging cans solutions. The unsurpassed knowledge base and distinctive experience to produce for high-quality, unique custom packaging cans that meets and exceeds customers' demanding requirements. If you interested of custom plastic cans, contact now for more detail.

Advantage of Custom Plastic Cans:
1. Durable: Plastic panels are engineered to be much stronger than typical paper solutions; plastic packaging cans can be reused many more times than cardboard or paper.
2. Flexible Solutions: We can custom fabricate containers of unique size, shapes and colors to meet your packaging needs.
3. Moisture Proof: Plastic will withstand water and other chemicals to ensure longevity in less than ideal environments.
4. Environmentally Friendly:  Because of its durability, plastic containers can be reused many times and because plastic is recyclable, there is no waste to contaminate the environment.
5. Printing Capabilities:  Silk screen printing, digital printing and water based flexo-printing are some of the common methods of printing on corrugated plastic.

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