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Plastic Pallet Box

The plastic pallets and plastic pallet box became an irreplaceable part of storage, handling and logistics worldwide. Sourcing Company offers plastic pallet box in a variety of footprints and heights, with solid or removable wall construction. We offer include stackable plastic containers, nestable pallet box, collapsible plastic crates or bins, shipping crates and agricultural bins. Durable and environmentally safe plastic storage container systems are effectively usable for food and other product storage and transportation.

Plastic pallet containers and boxes are light and at the same time very durable. These characteristics make them ideal solution for your business. Our plastic storage systems are absolutely reliable in terms of structure integrity and solidity. It should be mentioned that plastic boxes and containers are liquid resistant, washable and reusable. Therefore we supply not only new plastic containers but used ones as well.

Features of Custom Plastic Pallet Box:
1. Resistant to chemical corrosion and UV attack
2. Big and tough yet light
3. Can be colour coded to reduce losses
4. Range of sizes

We supply reusable, sustainable solutions for all types of shipping, storage and distribution applications. Our products are Eco-Friendly and engineered with Ergonomics in mind. Our courteous and knowledgeable staff will help save you money while we enable you to make an impact on your local community by helping you to "Go Green". We look forward to assisting you in whatever you may need.

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