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Plastic Pallets
Standard - Gridding or Flat Surface Heavy Duty - Steel Tube Reinforced Light Duty Collapsible Pallet Box

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Plastic Pallets

Now food, pharmaceutical, chemical and printing plants are increasingly converting from wood to plastic pallets for in house use. The benefits over wood include improved hygiene, cleaning and sanitizing for WIP areas, elimination of product contamination from splinters and wood chips, resistance to odors and chemicals, longer service life and lighter repeatable tare weights plus dimensional consistency. We offer stackable, nestable, collapsible, drum and export duty plastic pallets molded or thermoformed in many styles, configurations and capacities. Visit our custom design center to create custom modified units to suit your special requirements.

Sourcing plastic pallets can be used to transport and store your products within your facility and/or to transport them between different facilities. They provide:
Features of Custom Plastic Pallets:
1. Recyclable and re-usable.
Sourcing plastic pallets can be used repeatedly and easily utilized and reprocessed.
2. Strong and durable.
Our storage and container systems are made of innovative and highly reliable materials.
3. Can be specially printed to customer requirements.
We use personal approach to every customer to provide the best products and services.
4. No decaying or mould growth.
Forget about falling apart and contaminated wooden pallets. Plastic pallets and containers always stay in their shape and easily sanitized to meet the highest hygiene requirements.
5. Cost effective.
Combination of long life cycle, reusability for different goods, durability, light weight, ergonomics and ability of being recycled make plastic pallets and containers more than just reasonable investment.
6. Can be made fire resistant.
We can make fire resistant plastic pallets and containers for special cargo safety measures.
7. Splinter and nail free.
One-piece structure in combination with plastic material makes our pallets handling less labour intensive.
8. FDA and ISO standard approved.
Our plastic storage systems meet all necessary international standards of safety and quality.
9. Water or chemical resistant.
Plastic pallets do not absorb any liquids, besides they are washable and reusable.
10. Environmentally friendly.
Due to disuse of toxic materials and recycling opportunity our plastic goods are, as a matter of fact, ecologically friendly.
11. Nestable & space saving.
These features of plastic storage systems may substantially increase profitability of your business.
12. Long life cycle.
Let us remind you again that the long life cycle of our plastic pallets is a remarkable advantage over wooden ones.
They can usually go through sleet, snow, wind, rain, hail, and extreme sunshine without warping or cracking. You don’t have to worry about leaving these pallets outside. No matter what the specifications or size, plastic pallets always weigh less than wood pallets. They also don’t splinter and will not have sharp edges unless they have been damaged, which is highly unlikely.

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