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Plastic Adhesive Hooks

We stock an extensive range of plastic adhesive hooks all made in China. Each hook features a super strong adhesive pad which provides a high performance hanging solution.

Features of Plastic Adhesive Hooks:
Ensure that surface is clean, dry and free from grease or dust. Mark exactly where the hook will be placed, as repositioning will cause the adhesive to weaken. Peel off the release paper without touching the adhesive. Place in the required position and press firmly to ensure good contact. Leave in place for 12 hours before hanging item.

Advantages of Plastic Adhesive Hooks:
1. You can be free to choose the loading port.
2. OEM and ODM service are available
3. We can made new mould for your new products
4. 3D and CAD designs design can be provided
5. As a manufacturer, our price is competitive
6. Continuous service on the supplier
7. Skilled worker and experienced engineers
8. Useful life of products are long and high quality
9. Our factory has a long reputation of making quality items for our customers.
10. One-stop service

If you are interested in plastic adhesive hooks, please contact with us in any time, to get the latest price.

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