Make Plastic Products in China

We are a sourcing & manufacturing company with an established network of over a hundred plastic molding factories and mold makers in China. We supply high quality plastic products to North America and Europe.


1. Lower Mold Cost: Compared to U.S. factories, Chinese mold tooling costs are drastically (50% or more) lower.
2. Control Risk: We help you pre-qualify plastic molder by visiting on-site. We monitor mold production constantly and inspect quality before shipment.
3. Good engineering communication is absolutely necessary in custom manufacturing (especially plastic mold design.) We have native speakers in English, German and French.

: you are welcome to visit the actual plastic molding manufacturers in China and discuss requirements with mold makers directly.

4. Better access to good plastic molding factories: Most Chinese plastic factories, especially the low-cost mold makers, don't have abilities to deal with foreigners.

5. Convenience: We manage custom clearance and ship plastic products or molds from China to your door.

Business Scope:

Injection Molding, Blow Molding, Roto Molding, Plastic Molds

Please for Plastic Molding and Mold Making in China

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molding plastic in China
Injection Molding
Blow Molding
Mold Making
Rotational Molding
Plastic Machining (Turning/Milling)
Metal/Plastic Insert/Over Molding
New Product Development/ Rapid Prototyping
Surface Finish, Assembly
Industry Served
Material Used

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Special solutions for low (initial) volume production

Special solutions for New Product Launch

Special solutions for product certification (FDA, CE ...)

Special solutions for IP protection

Factory Network:

Mold Making | Volume Production

Rotational Molding Factories

China Plastic
China Injection Molding, Plastic Parts Manufacturers

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